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BTCWATCH is proud to be the first German online luxury watch boutique exclusively accepting Bitcoin payments, offering the crypto community original and unique luxury watches of the highest quality. Our Full Collection of Watches and Jewelry can be purchased with Bitcoin. Of course, we are also interested in buying well-preserved watches such as interested in Rolex watches. So if you want to part with your piece of jewelry, don't hesitate and write to us via our. We will be pleased to make you a non-binding offer.

Rolex watches - inexpensive, stable and also with an increase in value gene.

Rolex is not only very popular because of the very robust technology and suitability for everyday use, but also because these high-quality watches already have classic status in their genes when they are bought. Many Rolex models are extremely price stable and also have a very good resale value in the long term. It is precisely these properties that are causing more and more watch enthusiasts to choose a Rolex when purchasing a luxury watch. In the meantime, not only watch lovers buy Rolex watches online, but also speculators rely on exactly this increase in value with well-known Rolex models such as Submariner, Daytona or GMT Master. For many online Rolex buyers, it is not only important that the price is right, but also the joy of wearing a really robust, long-standing and very loyal companion on the wrist. If you take care of your Rolex regularly, you can count on your watch to last almost a lifetime. This effect is unthinkable with many other luxury watches, if only because of the quality, not to mention the price and performance.

Would you like to sell your Rolex watch?

We also buy luxury watches. Simply offer us the Rolex watch you want to sell using our contact form. We have been buying Rolex watches at fair prices for many years. Benefit from our professional experience in buying Rolex watches by always receiving a quick purchase offer, discreet processing and a quick payout in Bitcoins for the sale of your Rolex watch from us. Sell ​​us your luxury watch - compare us with our competitors and decide for yourself who to trust when selling your watch.

Buy cheap used or unworn Rolex watches online

If you're looking for a cheap Rolex Submariner or a Rolex Daytona, you've come to the right place. With us you can not only buy cheap Rolex watches and pay with Bitcoin, but you can also sell a Rolex watch at a fair price. You can buy used Rolex watches from us with a clear conscience, all used Rolex watches are subjected to a comprehensive service check and, if necessary, maintenance before they are sold. With a used Rolex watch you are always well advised, the low price of these Rolex watches and the tested quality of the used Rolex watches by us is an important point when it comes to buying a used Rolex watch.


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